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Coming Of Age

Coming of Age is a British situation comedy written by Tim Dawson produced in house by BBC Productions and aired on BBC Three. The show takes a direct look at five sixth form students, Jas, Ollie, Matt, Chloe and DK, who are living in Abingdon. Their lives rotate around the fictional Wooton College, their bedrooms, and as they're always getting thrown out of the local pub, Ollie's garden shed.A pilot was originally aired in 2007, followed by the first series in 2008 and a second in 2010. The final episode of the second series was broadcast on Tuesday, 9 March 2010. A third series is currently being broascast.

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Dib Dib Dib

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Joe Tracini

Darren Karrimoor

A dysfunctional scamp with the morals and manners of a sewer rat. An eternal virgin who lives eternally in hope. his obbsession with sex, rampent exhibitionism and love of rap music often result in outbursts that would make a sailor blush.

DK performs one rap in each episode all ending in his catch phrase 'BALOMORY'. The only exceptions to this are the pilot episode where he doesn't perform any and B...Lowjob where he performs two.

He Is Played By Joe Tracini


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